About NatureToot

(previously Ohio-Nature.com)

Jon Cross

My name is Jon Cross and I am a native of northwest Ohio.  I have always loved nature and the outdoors since I was a kid.  During those younger years, I was always happiest when I could be outside, and I was as much as possible. 

Then this thing called life kind of got in the way a little bit.  A professional career, family responsibilities, and perceived expectations of society knocked me off my “true north”. I think most can relate in one way or another.  A professional life behind a desk isn’t always conducive to following your passion of being outside. 

Over the years I have come to realize the significance nature plays in my life.  I now understand that without it I’m not whole.  I don’t feel happy if I can’t be outside at least a little bit.

Nature Soothes My Soul

You may have heard people say, “nature is my playground”.  That certainly holds true for me, but it’s much more than that. 

Nature is where I feel my true essence.  I feel a part of everything around me when I can be in alone in a forest, in a wide-open prairie, or sitting on a mountain top.  This is where my soul is at peace.

I may take a different approach then some in the way I appreciate nature.  I like to be still and absorb it.  I try not to think when I’m alone in nature.  The stillness can speak volumes if you just listen with your heart.

Every soul has a true calling, the thing that makes your heart sing, the one thing that puts you at ease every single time.  Mine is spending time in nature.

Lots of Ways to Enjoy Nature

I believe that the most important contribution anyone can make while on this planet is a positive impact on another living thing.  I don’t think that is exclusive to just another human being.  A positive impact on any living thing is a positive impact on the entire universe.

I’ve found many ways to appreciate nature.  Each one is a little different but they all involve nature.

I like to:

  1. Learn about it
  2. Walk in it
  3. Do my part to be a land steward
  4. Take pictures of it
  5. Make things out of it
  6. Be still in it

I consider myself lucky to live where I do.  Northwest Ohio is home to more rare plant species that anywhere else in Ohio.  This is mainly because of the existence of the globally rare Oak Openings Region.  I have lived here all my life and never knew that fact until a few years ago.  It’s funny how you never think of your own home area as being special.

Why NatureToot?

My mission for NatureToot.com is to provide visitors a place see how nature can be a part of your life.  I like to share my pictures, stories, knowledge, and things I’ve made.  I hope they can provide inspiration to you in some way.

Oh, and why the name NatureToot?  I just like it.  It makes me smile and it seems to make others smile too.

I hope that all of you who visit take away a renewed appreciation for the natural world around you, whether you live in my corner of the world or somewhere else.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

Thanks for stopping by.