Northwest Ohio Rare Plants

Two small patches in Oak Openings Preserve is the only place in Ohio Gay-wings (E) is known to grow natively

One third of all Ohio rare plants are here in Northwest Ohio, specifically the Oak Openings Region. The Oak Openings Region has 180 known rare native plant species. More are being discovered every year.

Land management in the Oak Openings Region has played an important role in helping to sustain these rare plants. The Toledo Metroparks continues to purchase private land as part of their conservation efforts.

Private land owners continue to become more aware of land management. This is due in part to programs such as the Nature Conservancy's land registration program.

Much of the Oak Openings Region has been preserved or restored.   Since the Oak Openings is very resilient a restored piece of land can bring about surprising results. 

Ohio Rare Plant Gallery

Below is a sampling of some of the rare native plants found here in Northwest Ohio and the Oak Openings Region. Next to each name is its status in Ohio:

E - State Endangered
T - State Threatened
P - Potentially Threatened

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